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What the data says…

The National Association of REALTORS recently published their annual Sustainability Report. The survey question and answer which really caught my eye was the one that asked agents about their comfort level when discussing home performance with their clients: 60% of agents were either uncomfortable or not sure how they felt about this topic.

Contrast that statistic to what agents said about their buyers:

  • 66% of buyers were very interested in a comfortable living space
  • 77% of buyers thought that a home’s energy bills were very or somewhat important
  • 59% of buyers were very or somewhat interested in sustainability

In other words, more than half of agents didn’t feel comfortable speaking about home features that more than half of their clients cared about (comfort, lower utility bills, sustainability). Clearly there is a disconnect here, and it’s one that a smart agent – buy or sell side – can leverage.

Agents who become educated on some basic home features that contribute to a home’s comfort can provide better service to their buyers and market differentiate from their competition. Agents who engage a prospective seller on home improvements they’ve made that impact comfort and efficiency also have an opportunity to market differentiate. In addition, listing agents can think through ways to highlight these features in the home’s pricing and marketing.

Most agents I know are involved in a whirlwind of activity to generate new clients and referrals. With all of the time and energy agents invest in generating new business, it sure makes sense to get educated on home performance. The odds are ever in their favor this topic will resonate!

Written by Cynthia Adams
President & CEO Pearl Certification
Originally Posted by The Daily Progress


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