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As a Pearl Real Estate Network Member, you are equipped with marketing tools and talking points that will set you apart from your competition, and with recent shifts in consumer trends prioritizing health, wellness, and sustainability, why not continue that differentiation through your holiday gifting? Before you click "add to cart" on the typical real estate agent gifts, here are a few gifts to consider this holiday season:

RE Gift Guide Plant Source: Lively Root Technologies, Inc.

The Home Decor Aficionado 

For the client who appreciates simple home decor: An Areca Palm. First of all, who doesn’t love a good low-maintenance, but stunning plant in their home? Even better, Areca Palms are a natural way to filter out volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are silent threats to indoor air quality (IAQ) and overall wellness. If the palm doesn’t quite fit into your market’s climate, you can find a list of other indoor air filtration plants here.

RE Gift Guide Charger Source: BLAVOR

The Solar Enthusiast

For the client who knows you as the local solar expert: a solar-operated wireless charger. You’ve already helped this client with a solar certification, showed them the Pearl Solar Equity Calculator®, or connected them to a solar contractor within Pearl’s elite network. Here’s a fun and practical way to reinforce your solar knowledge without being gimmicky. Other options for this client include a solar-powered bluetooth speaker, or motion-sensor outdoor lights.

RE Gift Guide Lunchbox Source: Nipaqui

The Commuter 

For the client who, sadly, can no longer work from home: a zero-waste lunch kit. Remember that client who spent so much time improving their home office, only to find out later that their company’s policy changed back to in-person? Help soften the blow with this box of reusable food-grade bags, straws, and beeswax wraps perfect for packing lunches in style, with zero waste. Take this gift one step further with an eco-friendly lunchbox to store it all in!

RE Gift Guide Breathe to Succeed Source: Career Press

The Healthy Home Owner

For the client whose new home has amazing indoor air quality: Breathe to Succeed. What better way to reinforce the benefits of good indoor air quality than learning about and exercising breathing techniques that will enhance mindfulness and well-being? Pair this with a fun portable air quality monitor to make sure the client appreciates the connection!

RE Gift Guide Wine Bottle Platter Source: Val Huegerich

The Holiday Host/Hostess

For the client who enjoys a good holiday charcuterie: a recycled wine bottle platter. Holiday gifting for agents typically centers around bottles of wine, gift baskets, or a nice serving board. Why not combine the key elements with these beautifully crafted platters made from recycled wine bottles? Bonus points for the "cork" cheese knife! Pair this with a locally made food product for a real home run!

The holidays will be upon us before we know it, so begin your gift shopping early to show your clients you're thinking of them. These sustainable gift options are the perfect way to reinforce you as the real estate expert in energy-efficient, high-performing homes. 


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