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Partner Logo - Cozet Creamery (RE Blog)

At Pearl Certification, we love energy efficiency. We also love ice cream. Who doesn’t? And when we can combine the two, it’s a match made in heaven.

July is National Ice Cream Month, and the Crozet Creamery has been making homemade ice cream in Crozet for three years now. Located at Piedmont Place, this building is not only energy efficient, but it also has a solar array on the roof as well. That’s right. Solar-powered ice cream! What could be better?

Why are we telling you about ice cream? It just so happens Pearl Real Estate Network Member Broker, Greg Slater of Nest Realty, is one of the owners of the business. Greg lives and works in the Charlottesville, VA area and has been a leader in the conversation about home performance and how to protect that added value in the sales process.

Greg is passionate about real estate agents becoming properly educated on how to list and sell the plethora of energy-efficient homes that are coming on the market. We asked Greg to share more on this topic.

“It is well-documented that high-performing features impact the value of a home. Buyers want these features and will pay for them. I have seen it firsthand in the sales process. I believe it is an obligation for REALTORS® to understand this and position our listings in a way that identifies and captures that value. Solar has really caught on in our market as well. The economics of it makes sense and homeowners are making significant investment in solar. The market will only continue and grow.”

Greg went on to add, “I use Pearl Certification whenever I can. It makes sure the features that impact the value of the home are presented in a way the buyer can find on their own and understand. Even if your MLS includes green features, it is not enough. Not all agents are highlighting these features for their clients. Pearl Certification helps me display those features prominently throughout my marketing.”

Well, that's our story and we are “licking” to it! Happy selling quicker and for more money with Pearl Certification; happy eating that ice cream.


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