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Here is a healthy practice to try as we approach Thanksgiving, which has nothing to do with overeating and vegetating on the couch watching football. Every morning for a month—or even a week or a few days—write down three things you are grateful for. And no repeats! You may find it difficult, but it's worth trying. It will be like training your brain to look for and recognize things that make you happy.

You may already know that practicing gratitude has been shown to be good for your overall health and sense of well-being, but it turns out to be a great business practice as well—one that Pearl Contractors do for the benefit of their customers, staff, families, and members of the communities they serve. In fact, showing appreciation to your customers is often a key reason they come back to you for future work and provide referrals and positive reviews to help you get new customers too. 

Here are some ways that our elite Pearl Contractors practice gratitude — and create “sticky customers” — for their businesses:

Williams Comfort Air

Williams Comfort Air, an HVAC and plumbing contractor, does business like no other in the Indianapolis, Indiana, area. For example, back when the COVID-19 pandemic started to impact businesses in the U.S., they decided this was a challenge they could meet as a business by becoming “more than an HVAC contractor.” Because of a lull in their regular business, they reached out to a community needing the basics—food!

"We had a fleet of service vehicles sitting idle and decided we could use them to deliver meals to people," says Williams' Marketing Director Matt Tyner. The staff kept working and earning money for their families by delivering thousands of meals to front-line health workers and through the Salvation Army. You can't get more Thanksgiving than that.

SoCal Airflow Pros

Cody Covini, a Marine Corps veteran, created SoCal Airflow Pros in Mission Viejo, California. When Cory found out that other veterans in his community were living in substandard housing, sometimes with no working HVAC system, he decided to go above and beyond “business as usual.” He started a program, HVAC for Heroes, to serve military veterans struggling to transition to civilian life, as well as firefighters and other front-line workers living in substandard housing. "We provide and install whole HVAC systems, with high-quality duct installation and ventilation, at no cost to the veterans," says Covini.


GreenBrilliance found a unique way to leverage Pearl to keep customers happy and “sticky.” Imagine having solar installed by a local contractor. The work is done well, on time, at a reasonable price, and you are very satisfied. But months or years later, the company calls to offer you something over-the-top for free. GreenBrilliance did just that with their Pearl retro-certification program. After joining Pearl, they reached out to over 50 past customers — whose projects were sold and installed before GreenBrilliance joined the Pearl Network—and provided a Pearl Certification at no cost to them.

“We care about the customers, the technology being installed, and the service—not only during the initial job but for whatever the customer may need in the future too,” said founder Sumit Bhatnagar.

Summing It All Up

You don't want potential customers to call the first HVAC or solar contractor they find through a Google search when they have problems. You do want them to think, "Hey, didn't I see that company's van in front of the foodbank loading up groceries to deliver at Thanksgiving?" Or, "I heard this company does work for veterans in our area at no cost." A positive profile in the communities you serve and excellent customer service will lead to customer appreciation, and that's the glue that will make you customers for life.

Pearl assures customers that a Pearl Contractor is among the best for quality installation and service for all these contractors and many more. But customers will come back again and again if they feel like they were treated fairly and that the contractor cares about them. Companies like the ones mentioned above do that by providing outstanding services to clients and their communities. In fact, superior customer service and commitment to community are two of our critical Pearl Contractor Qualifications.

Join the Pearl Network. 

Only Pearl Network Contractors are authorized to offer Pearl Certification — and only contractors who have demonstrated exceptional quality and service are accepted into the network. Call 1.844.PEARLØØ or complete the form to learn how joining the Pearl Network can drive leads, close more opportunities, and set you apart from the competition.


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