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Did you know? Taking responsibility for the welfare of others is one of Pearl’s core company values. We’ve expressed this a lot in terms of mitigating climate change and improving the health of homes. But our concern and compassion extends well beyond those two areas. So, in honor of Earth Day 2020, we’re sharing a bit more about Pearl’s efforts to ensure we’re improving the planet through our work.

Company Values

Pearl’s company values clearly reflect our commitment to improving the planet. We believe:

  • Humans have a responsibility to be better stewards of the earth, and we strive to show how that’s possible.
  • In the fundamental freedom and equality of humans, and we strive to find ways to live together in peace and mutual support.

Pearl’s founders have spent their professional lives building, improving and managing high-quality energy efficient homes. We are passionate about providing the best service to make homes more comfortable, efficient and valuable.

In these uncertain times, our commitment to these values is more important than ever. Check out just a few ways we’re working on improving the planet and the communities we serve right now:

Webinar on Indoor Air Quality in the Age of COVID-19

Homeowners are spending more time in their homes. As a result, concerns for their family’s health are on the rise. Online searches for “filtration” and other Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) terms are off the charts. Homeowners need conscious contractors to help them understand these issues and make decisions about their homes. Join us as we facilitate a conversation between Peter Troast, CEO of Energy Circle, and Nathan Kahre, Business Development Manager at EnergyLogic. Nathan brings a wealth of expertise in IAQ and healthy homes. Peter and Nathan will share new data and insights on homeowner’s mindsets. They’ll also provide practical solutions for contractors seeking to better communicate with their customers and employees during this crisis. Tune in here.

Supporting Solar Contractors

Our solar contractors are part of an elite group vetted by Pearl. Like us, these companies are passionate about improving the planet while providing top-notch service for their customers. They use top-of-the-line equipment and installation methods. Their work is also independently verified. Plus, Pearl Network Contractors not only make solar improvements to your home, they help you capture the value of your investment when you sell or refinance.

Real EstateSolar Certification for Resale

Pearl is currently running a pilot to certify solar installations in homes. We do this using photos and documentation provided by the listing agent or home seller. The photos are geo-stamped and the documentation includes an annual production report and the utility interconnection report. With this information, we are able to issue a solar certification and appraisal addendum without having to send a certification contractor to the home.

Community & Industry Support Around COVID-19

COVID-19 has already significantly impacted the construction, real estate and home improvement industries. Pearl is committed to providing actionable information to help these industries through these times. To this end, we created a special online resource center to help our contractor customers and others adapt. We also created a Pearl Wellness Pledge for our contractors that outlines the specific steps they’re taking to protect their staff and customers.


Pearl Certification is transforming the housing market. We’re making a visible difference nationwide for homeowners and the businesses that serve them.