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With the demands of the day so high during the busy season, it can be difficult to take the time to plan for the future. But if you do, you’ll reap the benefits in the off-season.

Help Your Customers Plan

When HVAC systems break in the summer months, homeowners tend to focus only on the present crisis. With your team in the home making repairs, now is the perfect time to educate your customers about the services they should be thinking about for the future to avoid a second urgent call:

  • Air filter changes
  • Duct cleaning
  • HVAC service inspection
  • Maintenance schedule (contract or single service)
  • Seal air leaks

Improving Home Performance

A new HVAC system not only increases home comfort, but it also can improve the home’s performance with regard to safety, efficiency, and resilience. If a new HVAC system is installed by a Pearl Network Contractor, the homeowner receives a Pearl Certification, authenticating the home’s increased value. Homeowners can access the Pearl Certification, as well as prioritize recommended home improvement projects through Pearl’s free, award-winning Green Door app. By encouraging your customers to log in to Green Door, you’re advocating for them to think about improving their home performance, which can mean more business for you.

Message Delivery

To maximize the success of your communication about HVAC service planning and leveraging Green Door, include your messaging where your customers already are. If you’re emailing an invoice, include an attachment about the aforementioned services they should consider in the near future.

With your service technicians in the home, customers are already engaged. Provide flyers, brochures, and other marketing collateral when their interest is piqued.

House calls also provide the opportunity to market to your customers’ neighbors with door hangers. Obtaining new clients also enables you to expand your mailing distribution list.

To offer your customers Pearl Certifications verifying the increased home value that your services bring, complete the below form learn more about joining the Pearl Contractor Network.

Join the Pearl Network.

Only Pearl Network Contractors are authorized to offer Pearl Certification — and only contractors who have demonstrated exceptional quality and service are accepted into the network. Call 1.844.PEARLØØ or complete the form to learn how joining the Pearl Network can drive leads, close more opportunities, and set you apart from the competition.


Pearl Certification is transforming the housing market. We’re making a visible difference nationwide for homeowners and the businesses that serve them.