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The Trades need workers. ASAP.

Old guys are retiring and young guys are not interested in the vacant jobs. They’re all flocking to Tech and the other “mainstream” companies.

But all is not doom and gloom...

In fact, for those Home Service Businesses who seize the opportunity in front of us right now, this might be the defining moment where your company takes leaps and bounds ahead of your competition.

I’m not talking about small gains over your competitors, I’m talking about MASSIVE MOON-SHOT gains over the “other guys.”

How, you ask?

By learning how to win the recruiting and retention war from one of the nation’s most successful contractors: Josh Kelly.

Josh and his team have put together a one-of-a-kind masterclass on WINNING the recruiting and retention war — so you can fill your company with A+ players and do business with full confidence that no one has a more locked and loaded team than you.

When Josh told me the price I could offer you this masterclass for, I couldn’t believe it:


That’s it. For the price of two crisp Benjamin Franklins, you get:

And it’s only 200 bucks.

I have to tell you though: this promotion only lasts for 48 hours. After tomorrow, it’s gone.

So if you want to win the recruiting and retention war, click the link below and snag this INSANELY valuable masterclass for just $200:


P.S. In this $200 masterclass, Josh will train you with 7 modules designed to help you understand the MOST important action steps you can take to solve your recruiting and retention challenge FOREVER.

Every day you will get one of the seven modules delivered to your inbox.

Josh will lay the solid groundwork so that you can master the CORE fundamentals and strategy behind Mastering Recruiting And Retention.

It is important to not just listen to the seven modules. You must also implement the ideas you learn. The action plans you get with each module will help with this.



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