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Before installing a photovoltaic (PV) system, the home’s roof must be able to support it. As a solar contractor, are you profiting from step one?

As an integral component of the PV system installation process, roofing provides an incredible opportunity for solar contractors to increase revenue. Not all homeowners are prepared to invest in a PV system, but they all do need a roof, thereby significantly expanding your potential customer base.

Your Options

Determining how you want to add roofing to your solar operations depends on how much risk you’re willing to take. Keep in mind that the greater the risk, the greater the reward.

  1. Partner
    Partnering with a roofing company places minimal risk on your business, so generally, the potential revenue tends to be less than the other business model options. In this scenario, you identify an established, reputable roofing company to establish a partnership with. You can drive business opportunities to them, and they can do the same for you. You could also establish a commission agreement for the projects you refer to each other.
  2. Outsource
    When a solar customer requires roof repair or replacement, you can oversee the project and outsource the work to a competent roofing company. The revenue potential for this business model typically exceeds that of the first, but accordingly, it does require greater risk. The roofing company you represent directly reflects on your brand, so be sure to contract a quality, reliable company.
  3. In-House Roof Installation
    In this scenario, you bring roof repair and replacement in-house. This business model gives you complete control over the entire project, enabling you to set the timeline, ensure the quality of work, and collect on the entire profit potential.

A Seamless Customer Experience

As the sole contractor of both the roof and the PV system, you can provide your customers with a single warranty, greatly simplifying the process and creating a better customer experience.

Some roof warranties void if a PV system is installed, and some PV system warranties terminate if roofing repairs are made after the solar system is already installed.

Clear the confusion by providing a single warranty for both, which also makes you the go-to contractor for future servicing and upgrades for both.

Already Prepared

In many ways, your solar business is already prepared for the addition of a roofing service. Your employees already possess the strength and balance required to build a roof, and they’re not adverse to heights or working in unfavorable weather conditions.

Your workers comp already covers working at heights, so adding roofing likely will not affect your insurance.

From trucks, trailers, ladders, to power tools, you likely already own the equipment needed to add roofing to the services you offer.

Roofing Materials

Generally, you can order roofing materials several days in advance from a local supplier without issue. Rarely will a project necessitate an inventory of roofing materials, and given the wide range of roof types and shingle options, maintaining inventory is not often practical.


The primary adjustment that adding roofing services requires is licensure and education. Roofing licensing requirements vary by state and some require state registration, but given the different nature of the job, all of your employees who will support your roofing services should receive training.

Some roofing manufacturers offer certifications, as well as the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA). Coursework typically entails learning safety precautions, equipment and tools, roofing materials, and other components of the whole roof system.

Third-Party Certification

You can further distinguish yourself from the competition by providing a Pearl Certification to your customers. Third-party certification authenticates the high quality of your work and quantifies the value you bring to the home, giving your customers a powerful tool when the time comes to sell or refinance their home. Complete the below form to learn more about becoming a Pearl Network Contractor and closing more deals by offering your customers a Pearl Certification.

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