Pearl translates your home's performance into value at the time of sale or refinance

High-performing home features increase home value – when they’re properly documented. If they’re not, you could lose money on the investments you’ve made in your home.

Unique from other home certifications, Pearl makes sure you and your real estate agent have the tools you need to maximize your return on investment.

Properly marketed Pearl Certified homes can sell for 5% more on average. If your home is worth $250,000, Pearl Certification could mean an extra $12,500 in your pocket.

Secure your ROI with a Pearl Agent

Superior knowledge

Pearl Partner agents understand how to market energy efficiency, home automation, and solar installations. They know how to connect home performance with what buyers want.

Savvy marketing

Pearl Agents know how to use the Green MLS data fields to maximize appraisals, and they optimize your listing by selling buyers on your home’s high-performing features.

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Waived certification costs

The Pearl Certification process typically costs $425. When you work with a Pearl Agent, the Pearl Certification process is free to you.

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Now I have a certificate to show how efficient my house is. This is something I’ll definitely bring up with my Realtor when I decide to sell my home.

Brian G. Pearl Silver Certified Homeowner

I understand the value that high-performing, energy efficient homes bring to the market. The missing link is getting relevant information about those homes to agents and appraisers who are not building scientists. Pearl provides that missing link.

Jan Green Pearl Gold Certified Homeowner

As a Pearl Broker, our agents are trained to sell high-performing homes faster and at a higher price point. We have seen firsthand the power of Pearl Certification. We had a house whose appraisal came in low, threatening the viability of the deal. Until we got it Pearl Certified! Not only did the house appraise for more, it went forward to a smooth close.

Michael Litzner Owner/Broker — Century 21 American Homes

From certification to sale

Your real estate agent will decide whether a Pearl Certification is right for your home. If you have a solar energy system, they will fill out a form for an easy assessment.

Pearl issues the Certification Report and sends marketing materials to your agent. The Pearl Certification Report documents your home’s performance data – and translates it into home value.

Your agent uses the Pearl Certification Report and special Appraisal Addendum to ensure your home’s high-performing assets are properly valued.

Sell your home! Pearl Certified homes can sell more quickly and for 5% more when marketed properly.

A report you will want to read

With your easy-to-understand Pearl Certification Report in hand, you and your real estate agent have proof that your home is worth more.

Your report comes with an Appraisal Addendum, an MLS listing report and special marketing materials. Pearl Agents use these to run a Comparative Market Analysis for pricing your home, and, once it’s listed, to educate buyers on its high-performing features.

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