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Cert App Review Points

Did you know that before you request a Pearl Certification, you can see a complete points analysis for the assets you have entered? Using the Pearl Certification Software, navigate to the Pearl Reports & Certification section in the left-hand dropdown menu. Select the option: Review Points at the bottom of the list.

Cert App Heating Cooling No points will be awarded for the heating system without the percentage of heating load this system covers.

On the next screen, make sure you have provided sufficient details about the equipment you are certifying. For example, the percentage of the home that is heated and cooled by the equipment being certified is required to achieve a Silver Pearl Certification. Sometimes this is as simple as entering 100 for one system but often gets overlooked. Once you’ve confirmed this information, each asset you have entered will be listed with the allocation of points for that asset.

Cert App Insulation Points will be awarded for the attic/roof insulation.

You can use this as guidance to help you achieve the highest level of certification for your homeowner. In addition, there is a breakdown of how many points each particular asset is or isn’t achieving, along with the total potential points for that asset. For example, in order to achieve maximum points for insulation, an area value is needed.

Cert App Points Analysis Unweighted

The points analysis in the Pearl Certification Software shows the Weighted Target Points awarded for the assets entered in the top section. If key information, such as the percentage of the home that is heated and cooled by the equipments, is omitted, then the certification points are not weighted, thereby limiting the level of certification that can be achieved. 

The bottom section shows assets that have not been reported for that particular home but are eligible for earning points toward home certification. 

If you are wondering how to optimize your data to its fullest, reach out to your Operations Manager for a data analysis session. We can provide you with insight into your current metrics and help you create a plan for achieving your Pearl Certification goals.


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