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A Pearl Advantage Contractor creates value in your home

Why should you consider a Pearl Advantage Contractor when you’re making home improvements?

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When you select a Pearl Advantage Contractor, you can have confidence you’re working with a top-tier firm that will help you make the right improvements and do high-quality work. Pearl accepts a small number of elite companies from each city into its Advantage Network. Contractors are screened to ensure that they have professional training, positive consumer ratings, and quality control processes and software to address customer issues.

Pearl Advantage Contractors add value to your home, because their work is certified by Pearl Certification. When they finish the job in your home, you’ll receive a Pearl Certification report and documentation for the appraiser. Only Pearl Advantage Contractors can provide these documents.

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If your home has many features that make it healthy, comfortable and energy efficient, it may qualify for the Pearl Silver, Gold or Platinum levels. Your contractor can give you advice about whether it might qualify for a level now, and about how you can make improvements that could get it to the next level.

When you sell or refinance your home, give these documents to your real estate agent, appraiser, and lender. They may help you recapture some or all of the value of the improvements you made

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Energy efficient homes with Pearl Certification have been demonstrated to sell for 5% more than similar homes without energy efficient features or certification.
What’s different about a Pearl Network Contractor?

They have special training and qualifications

Pearl Network Contractors have special training and expertise to improve your home. They also provide the documentation you need to add to your home’s value.

They can collect the data used to certify your home

Only Pearl Network Contractors have the training and participate in the quality assurance system that allows them to contribute information to a Pearl Certification.


They increase the value of your home

According to a recent study, Pearl Certified homes are selling on average for 5% more. Only Pearl Advantage Contractors can make that value visible to the real estate market!

Working with a quality contractor who is not yet in the Pearl Advantage Network?

Send them here for more information, and to sign up.

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