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Are the waste-wolves lurking in your attic, your basement, and the corners of your hallways haunting your comfort, health, and budget? Under-insulated attics and unsealed basements are pathways for these little demons. These secret passageways are openings for the energy vampires to suck all the heat out of your home and the money out of your wallet!

Here are five common house-haunting issues and how to solve them! 

House-Haunting Horror #1: Spooky Spiders - FB

#1: Spooky Spiders

Finding too many spiders in your house this time of year? There are probably lots of little gaps and cracks in your house allowing spiders (and other creepy crawlies) to crawl right in. If you notice a lot of the offending creatures in a particular area, some simple air sealing can close up the gaps to keep the bugs out — and your conditioned air in!

*Added freaky fact about spiders: They build their webs where there is airflow because they catch dinner, but also catch the condensation for a drink.

House-Haunting Horror #2: Mold, Mildew and Mites - FB

#2: Mold, Mildew and Mites (Oh my!) 

These off-putting things exist in homes with excessive moisture and uncontrolled humidity. Typically, controlling ventilation will solve the problem. You want air to move through an area so that it carries the moisture out and doesn’t remain in a particular location.

House-Haunting Horror #3: Gas Bill Goblins - FB

#3: Gas Bill Goblins 

It's that time of year when high energy bills start to creep into your mailbox and bank account. Frighteningly high bills showing up can be a direct result of the deep dark corners of your home you may not know are haunted. Consider getting a home energy audit to survey and analyze your home’s energy flow and evaluate what measures you can take to make your home more energy efficient. An assessment will show you problems that may, when corrected, save you significant amounts of money over time.

House-Haunting Horror #4: CO/Combustion Gases Seeping in Like a Witch’s Poison - FB

#4: CO/Combustion Gases Seeping in Like a Witch’s Poison?

Every good contractor has a story about a time they diagnosed a house with a big CO problem. In one case, a homeowner that always backed their car into the garage and used the autostart during the winter to warm the car up, started having headaches and feeling drowsy every morning. The problem was the air handler and a return were in the garage… right behind the car. Simply turning the car around and opening the garage door is a simple solution to that problem!

House-Haunting Horror #5: Slitherin’ Snakes -  FB

#5: Slitherin’ Snakes 

Have snakes slithered their way into your home? Snakes and other vermin can enter our homes through poorly sealed areas or even vented crawlspaces. Encapsulate those crawlspaces! What garlic is to a vampire, well-sealed floor and foundation areas are to the creepy crawlies. Crawlspace encapsulation divides the area below your home from your actual living space, or building envelope. When done correctly, it prevents the passage of air from the crawlspace to your living environment and creates healthier living conditions.

House turned into a horror show? Call a Pearl Contractor to the rescue!  

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Wishing you a very happy, energy-leaking, bug and snake-free Halloween!  


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